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Senior UI Designer

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Designing aesthetically pleasing & practical solutions for people's needs.

With over two decades of experience as a Senior UI Designer, I've consistently crafted digital experiences and solutions for top brands. My career is fueled by a profound passion for technology, specializing in the convergence of branding and UI design.
I currently collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, expertly aligning business goals with user-centered design.

My multifaceted approach spans UI and visual design processes, and my unwavering commitment to quality has helped startups secure substantial funding.

If you're in search of a highly skilled designer to bring your vision to life, let's discuss how I can elevate your project.

UI design
Visual design
Brand identity
Interaction design
Web design
App design
Design systems
Creative direction

Client Engagements

Over the past few years, I have assisted several brands, including FESTO, Samsung, UNDP, LavaPay, PostPops, Catalyst Bridge, Nabavi Advisory, StarCups, and ALMA Group. I have formed great relationships with people from these brands, and I am still learning from them today.

Endorsed Skills

Trevor Van den Eijnden
Trevor Van den EijndenFormer National Academic Director for Visual Art and Design
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Pooya was an exceptional student. He came to my program with a considerable amount of prior knowledge and expertise but did not merely sit in the courses but applied his full skill set toward them, and seized the opportunity to learn about Graphic Design in a Canadian context while producing exceptional work… He never once used his high skill set as a crutch, or an excuse to merely slide by. He worked hard, consistently, and passionately in regards to all of his projects. His time as a College tutor was formative for him as teaching, and assisting his fellow students helped him improve his skill sets in design thinking, software use, and English language competency. He is humble, has a great capacity for empathy, and is always open to new ways of thinking or working either solo or with others. He's the total package!
Sean Stubbs
Sean StubbsSenior Web Designer/Developer, Visual Designer, Instructor, Educator and Musician.
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Pooya is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is undoubtably the best students I have had in 15 years of teaching. Although, it is not too surprising given that he already has many years of experience in the graphics and communication industry prior to returning to school to upgrade his education in a completely than his first. He also served as a teaching assistant and tutor for the other students in the same Graphic Design program. He was incredibly helpful in that capacity. Pooya is kind, patient with a calm demeanour that puts everyone around him instantly at ease. His graphics and visual design skills are undeniable. He has a very high-level of knowledge in theory and technique with a particular expertise in the latest digital software and tools. Pooya can work extremely effectively all alone or as a member of a larger team. He can thrive in any environment. A truly great designer, communicator and human being.
Erica Halvorsen
Erica HalvorsenMarketing and Sales Instructor at BCIT, Strategic Brand Developer at Erica Jane Consulting
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Pooya Salahi is one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever met. He has an approach to design that blends science and art to great advantage, and he is not afraid to dive deep in analyzing the positioning and meaning of the brand he is bringing to life. Pooya has great vision and can adapt his skills to projects both modest and grand. He is a passionate person who is dedicated to doing superior, inspired work, and he is also a great person to talk to!
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