ALMA—Engineering Group​​

Creative Direction
Marketing website


ALMA GROUP faced critical challenges with its online presence, marked by an outdated website, inconsistent branding, and a poor user experience. The website failed to effectively represent the company’s values and services, causing brand dilution and frustrating users seeking information.


To address these issues, we executed a comprehensive solution. We revamped the website with a user-centric design, ensuring easy navigation and an engaging layout. Consistent branding was applied across the site to enhance recognition, and responsive design guaranteed compatibility across all devices. The introduction of a clear brand voice emphasized ALMA GROUP’s dedication to its customers, resolving these issues and setting the company on a path to online excellence.

Mark Origins

ALMA GROUP's branding is a visual masterpiece designed with purpose.
The logo, a fusion of elements, conveys our core values: project management's growth chart symbolizes our efficiency, the three lines represent our family ownership, the 3D building in a box showcases our expertise, the square signifies our one-stop shop approach, focused corners reflect our customer-centricity, and the crane tower icon boldly declares our commitment to construction excellence. This logo isn't just an image; it's a powerful statement of who we are – a trusted, innovative, and all-encompassing construction partner.

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